ˇhange Performing ART Milano, Italy Persephone Homerus, Brad Gooch and Marta Di Niscemi Robert Wilson Director Robert Wilson: my idea of theatre Often people ask me what my theatre is about: usually I say I do not know. My work is, in most cases, formal. It is not interpretative. To me interpretation is not the responsibility of the director, the author or the performer: interpretation is for the public. I simply like to consider my theatre as the work of an artist. My interest is the same for the movement, the word, the light, the sound, the images. I am convinced that theatre is the place where all the different forms of art can meet. And in this coexistence there is room for masic, dance, acting. "I think of my work as one work, an "opus", a construction, a product that evolves in time and combines various elements and precious collaborations. Amongst the various scenes there is one dedicated to the ancient Greek myth of Persephone. Working at that scene, extending it and adding new parts, I created the theatre production Persephone: the show has been presented until now in outdoors venues of great visual and architectonic impact such as the Ancient Stadium of Delphi or the Fortress of Istanbul. Now, at the end of this work in progress, the piece is ready to be presented in its final form for theatrical spaces." Robert Wilson Desingned and Directed by Robert Wilson Music by G.Rossini and Ph.Glass Costumes by Ch. De Menil Lights by A.J. Weissbard and R. Wilson Actors: Alessandro Dieli, Marina Frigeni, Salvatore Giaconia, Marianna Kavallieratos, Elisabetta Rosso, Demetris Siakaras or Keith McDermott, Evri Sophroniadou Voices: Robert Wilson, Colin Taylor ą 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 May Moscow Chekhov Art Theatre Kamergersky Lane, 3